What makes a trendy five-star hotel in Bangkok

What makes a trendy five-star hotel in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is one of the world’s top tourist destination cities. According to Master Card, Bangkok is ranked globally as the top destination city. Not only that, according to Global Destination Cities Index, it has a large number of international visitor arrivals, with 15.98 million projected visitors in 2013. With such huge number of visitors, there is high demand for accommodation. This is why every trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok caters to the upper class visitors. Then there are the affordable hotels that cater to the middle class and even motels for those who prefer them. So with all these different types of accommodations available in Bangkok, why would you not want to choose a five star hotel? This article gives you basic points on what makes a five star hotel.


A trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok offers service that is of great quality and consistency as well as is discreet. Any hotel can be able to give a well designed, classy lobby and a lush landscaping but the human factor in terms of service is the challenging part. It’s not an easy thing for a hotel to have high level standards and be able to maintain them while still recruiting and retaining people that deliver according to these standards. For a hotel to be a five star, it should be able to provide sincere and reactive service without fawning. There should also be a complimentary house car and VIP transfers service.


How magical is it to arrive at a hotel and have the receptionist refer to you by your name? This is what to expect when choosing a trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok. This type of staff you have never seen before, and it shows the difference between a five star and other hotels as it gives you the feeling of being taken care of personally. In addition, records of previous guests are kept, and hence, preferences for recurring guests are not taken to chance.

Food and drink quality

In spite of the fact that not all people are keen on room service, having food and drinks of good quality is an excellent factor in five star hotels. Everyone wants to get the value for their money and there is nothing as bad as food that is not fresh or of bad quality. An extensive breakfast buffet with fresh juices, milk products and other organic choices among others should be available which a big attraction is. Excellently baked pastries and bread and foods from different countries should also be offered.


In terms of amenities in a five star hotel, there should be toiletries of high quality. In addition, it is not only the presence of a pool but also an excellent pool service.  One may also expect kid’s amenities as there is no better way to please a parent than through their kids, and five star hotels understand that.

These features among others make five star hotels the best place to spend your vacation with assurance of getting your money’s worth.

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