How to Gear Up for a Triathlon

How to Gear Up for a Triathlon

Triathlon clothing comes in different shapes and sizes. Some may even add gears to keep themselves in good shape. There are not many rules on what to wear during a triathlon but one has to go with the theme. To be able to find out the triathlon clothing or gears that you need to wear during a triathlon, read these helpful tips below:


Triathlon clothing


1. Tri-shorts

If you are joining the three stages of a triathlon (run, bike, and swim), then it is highly encouraged that you wear tri-shorts. Tri-shorts are known to dry off quickly and wick away moisture. customised cycling jersey’s usually has enhanced ultraviolet sun protection to keep UV rays from hurting you in any way.

2. Wetsuit

If you are in the swim segment, wearing a wetsuit will keep you steady as it reduces drag as you swim. This type of triathlon clothing is intended to keep triathletes warm as they swim in cool waters or weather conditions.

Take note that it may take longer for a person to change from their wetsuits to their custom cycle jersey’s as they head on to their next segment, so you might want to practise on making a switch from one clothing to another.

3. Shoes

One of the most important things to have during a triathlon is a pair of shoes. Choosing the perfect pair for a triathlon may seem like a struggle as you need one that can keep up with the running and cycling segment. Find shoes that fit perfectly on your feet and with enough traction so you do not slip easily. The right pair of shoes will spare you from having a hard time when you run and ride the bike.

4. Sunglasses

Since you will be cycling your way to the next segment, you will need a pair of sunglasses to block the wind as you cycle. There are sunglasses that protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and those that blocs glare to keep you focused on the road.

5. Cycling gloves

The purpose of using cycling gloves is to ensure your hands get a good gripped of the handles. This is actually a matter of personal comfort but if you feel like it is much safer to wear cycling gloves, then you should definitely do so. Find a cycling glove that has a hook-and-loop strap that can easily be attached to the handlebars.

6. Bicycle

There are triathlon-specific bicycles that you need to use. But, most of the time, mountain bikes and road bikes can be used in a triathlon. If you prefer a bike that keeps you in maximum speed, then consider buying a triathlon-specific bike.

Triathlon bikes are designed for aerodynamics to allow riders to go fast without any form of shelter, including other cyclists. Their seat tube is also set at a steeper angle for riders to cycle at a lower position in front without experiencing hip discomfort.

If you have signed up for a triathlon, take note of the tips above when it is time to gear up.

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