What makes a trendy five-star hotel in Bangkok

What makes a trendy five-star hotel in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is one of the world’s top tourist destination cities. According to Master Card, Bangkok is ranked globally as the top destination city. Not only that, according to Global Destination Cities Index, it has a large number of international visitor arrivals, with 15.98 million projected visitors in 2013. With such huge number of visitors, there is high demand for accommodation. This is why every trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok caters to the upper class visitors. Then there are the affordable hotels that cater to the middle class and even motels for those who prefer them. So with all these different types of accommodations available in Bangkok, why would you not want to choose a five star hotel? This article gives you basic points on what makes a five star hotel.


A trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok offers service that is of great quality and consistency as well as is discreet. Any hotel can be able to give a well designed, classy lobby and a lush landscaping but the human factor in terms of service is the challenging part. It’s not an easy thing for a hotel to have high level standards and be able to maintain them while still recruiting and retaining people that deliver according to these standards. For a hotel to be a five star, it should be able to provide sincere and reactive service without fawning. There should also be a complimentary house car and VIP transfers service.


How magical is it to arrive at a hotel and have the receptionist refer to you by your name? This is what to expect when choosing a trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok. This type of staff you have never seen before, and it shows the difference between a five star and other hotels as it gives you the feeling of being taken care of personally. In addition, records of previous guests are kept, and hence, preferences for recurring guests are not taken to chance.

Food and drink quality

In spite of the fact that not all people are keen on room service, having food and drinks of good quality is an excellent factor in five star hotels. Everyone wants to get the value for their money and there is nothing as bad as food that is not fresh or of bad quality. An extensive breakfast buffet with fresh juices, milk products and other organic choices among others should be available which a big attraction is. Excellently baked pastries and bread and foods from different countries should also be offered.


In terms of amenities in a five star hotel, there should be toiletries of high quality. In addition, it is not only the presence of a pool but also an excellent pool service.  One may also expect kid’s amenities as there is no better way to please a parent than through their kids, and five star hotels understand that.

These features among others make five star hotels the best place to spend your vacation with assurance of getting your money’s worth.

What to do when you are in Vilamoura

What to do when you are in Vilamoura

Tourism plays an important role as the number of international travelers grew by 4 percent in 2012 according to the report published by the World Tourism Organisation. The most visited continent was Europe which saw a rise in 3 percent in tourist arrivals. In Portugal, in spite of the decline in the figures of national tourists, the number of foreign visitors saw a steady growth. Tourism in the Algarve has been following the national trend as the Faro Airport seems to have handled a total of 56.7 million passengers which accounted for 1 percent rise and 20 percent of the total movement of all passengers in Portugal. One of the most coveted tourist attractions is the trip on a jet boat in Vilamoura, which is a not-to-be-missed event for those visiting Vilamoura.

Being one of the largest tourism complexes in Europe, Vilamoura is located on Portugal’s south coast, that is, the Algarve region. The place has everything starting with quiet and peaceful pine forests to breathtaking Atlantic beaches to amazing nightlife, casino, shooting club, etc. Algarve has a huge water sports area where all sorts of water sports are conducted, and this is definitely one of the main attractions of this place. Going on a jet boat in Vilamoura is a lifetime experience, so is the jet skiing Algarve operators conduct. Vilamoura is a place which offers the tourists with almost every kind of experience possible which explains that it has a versatile tourism industry. Not only jet skiing, the tourists can even undertake a dolphin safari Algarve offers.

Travelers arrive here irrespective of time, again, mainly because there is no such thing as “perfect” weather or temperature as the climate here is mostly sunny and happy.

Here are lists of things that can be done in case one wants to travel in Vilamoura, Portugal.

·        People looking for world class luxurious hotels are welcome here as there are numerous hotels perfect for them.

·        People who love golf will find their abode where they can have fantastic golf sessions.

·        Nature trips are available for those vicarious nature lovers.

·        Also there are remarkable historical sightseeing for those seasoned travelers.

·        The energetic enthusiasts of water sports would find an interesting list of adventures they could do. Jet skiing and jet boat in Vilamoura are the most popular ones.

·        There are other exciting water related adventure sports that tourists love and these include the dolphin tours in the Algarve.

·        Foodies would most definitely be exhilarated with the various wonderful cafes and restaurants in the gastronomy tour of the Vilamoura area.

·        The night life of this place is very happening and hip and definitely loved by the party animals.

Algarve is not only made up of its natural beauty from the bright sun, soothing sea and delicious sea-food, but it also consists of numerous century-old castles, museums, art galleries, historical landmarks, which quite beautifully explain the dynamic culture of the country.

When on a trip, the obvious job in the last few days is shopping, and Vilamoura has exquisite destinations for shopping where one could go and satiate the inner shopaholic in them.

Finally, after the mind-boggling travel experience from azure waters and calm beaches to adventurous boat rides to beautiful historical places and shopping destinations, one would have had the time of their lives in this amazing city and would almost certainly want to visit here again.

US Open 2017 – Watch International Tournaments Comfortably

US Open 2017 – Watch International Tournaments Comfortably

Authorities running marquee tournaments like the Superbowl have been concerned about the scalping of tickets by unscrupulous touts who deprive the genuine fans from watching the games. The Superbowl organizers have now found a solution and signed a new agreement to sell some 6000 tickets directly as bundled packages. Though the exact prices of the packages have not been declared, it is hoped that there will be genuine fans this season. In the same way, the US open 2017 tickets can be booked well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments.

Tickets to Tournaments as Bundled Packages

There are specialized sports agencies, which have been helping the fans in different sports enjoy watching their favorite players in action. There are a dozen odd tournaments throughout the world across different sports, tennis, golf, F1 races and so on. The agency will be able to help you buy Superbowl tickets along with hotel bookings and access to some exciting social events on the sidelines of the main tournament.

The US open packages can be availed at different budgets depending on your choice. If one takes the case of the 2016 tournament, the final is scheduled for the 31st August. The typical basic package would have tickets to watch the matches on the 29th and 30th. It will also include the accommodation for 2 days. If you want to watch the finals, then you will have to choose another package, which will cover the final matches on the 10th and 11th September.

It works similarly for other tournaments, including the US open 2017. You could gain by booking the tickets well in advance.

Get Your Superbowl Tickets along with Accommodation

As mentioned above, tickets to Superbowl are always hard to get; don’t regret later. You could grab your 2017 Superbowl tickets now yourself. The agency organizing the packages follows a pattern in most cases. The package would be a transparent one with the details given in their brochure or handout for each event. The standard packages won’t include the air tickets, but in specific cases, the tickets could also be added to the package. Keith Prowse Travel

Some Flexibility Added to the Packages

If you have never bought any of these packages before or watched any international sports event with the help of these agencies, you could study their offers more carefully. As already mentioned, the tickets to the main events and the hotel accommodation in 2-3 or 4 star hotels are always a part of the package. The add-ons in some cases like in the case of the US Masters golf tournament in Augusta include half a day of playing golf and also staying at the Club’s accommodation for a couple of days with all meals served on the house. In terms of flexibility, the organizers can add a day or two to the trip or upgrade to a better accommodation and so on, but one has to pay a little more for each feature.

Many people love going to such sporting spectacles, like US open 2017, and love watching the matches in a group cheering on and getting lost in the atmosphere. Availing these packages helps them make new friends and saves a lot of efforts and money.

Amazing Beauty of the South America Tour

Amazing Beauty of the South America Tour

Metallica’s South America tour has been in progress rolling out for 2016 tour dates for their forthcoming 11th studio album, Hardwired… to self destruct.  The concerts have been scheduled in places like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Guatemala. This is something you can add in your itinerary when you decide to have a South America tour. South America is essentially considered as the land of sombreros, salsa and tequila and is an exotic land known to offer a lot to tourists visiting this destination. A tour in this side of the globe is anytime exciting as it is an excellent holiday destination and a stunning place where you can revitalize your senses.

Uniqueness of South America

South America, which is settled amid the South Pacific, Caribbean and the South Atlantic Ocean, is an attractive tourist destination and is distinguished for its breathtaking natural attractions. It not only owns the biggest rainforest but even the largest river, Amazon. It houses several beaches and every year many tourists visit this holiday destination in large numbers.

It is a luxurious destination which many people fall in love with, and it is the hottest tourist spot known for its rich culture, friendly locals and welcoming environment. The holiday destination is blessed with a touch of paradise as it is surrounded all over by tropical beaches. It is very important that you organize your South America tour well in advance, whether you want to attend the musical concert or enjoy your holiday. To make your trip an exciting and memorable one, it is very important that you do some research online and save yourself from any hassle. It is better that you take assistance from a travel operator who specializes in a comfortable, lavish and escorted tour to South America.

Beaches to Explore in South America

The three most popular beaches that you can explore during a tour to South America are Ipanema Beach located in Rio De Janerio in Brazil, Punta Tombo in Argentina and Tayrona in Colombia. The Ipanema Beach is known for its posh beach culture, and the beach wear styles are very innovative. The best part of this beach is that you can indulge yourself in many activities like volleyball, swimming, roller blading, cycling, soccer and many other beach games.

The Tayrona beach is blessed with 2 ecosystems between the sea and the mountain, and the beach site is really very beautiful. Hammocks can be rented for the night on this beach site, and you can enjoy surfing as well as relish tasty sea food.

 Benefits of a Tour to South America

South America tour provides an experience of a lifetime and during which you can even come across fascinating wildlife, and rich flora and fauna. The Punta Tombo beach in Argentina is home to beautiful migratory birds – Magellanic Penguins that arrive in large numbers in the month of September and are found till mid of March.  The tourism in South America has recently seen hike and this has been possible as more and more flights are offered by the airlines to this gorgeous destination.