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What You Need for a Daintree Forest Tour

What You Need for a Daintree Forest Tour

There are loads of things you can do while at the Daintree rainforest tours to make the best experience out of it. You could do the tours, take marvelous pictures, go for some swimming down the streams, and make friends among many other fun things. But with Daintree being home to nearly 900000 hectares of vegetation and the tropical warm and humid weather, you will need protective cover of the canopy from the harsh sun to enjoy the experience.  For many people, especially those that are at the rainforest for the first time, it’s typical to get confused on what its best to carry and what not to carry. Below is a guide on some of the things you need to have you covered while on tours at the rainforest.

daintree rainforest tours

You will need comfort

Great shoes for starters are a must for Daintree tours as these tours mean a lot of walking. Shoes with a good grip and great support are best like sneakers or flat walking shoes. Also, given that the weather in the rainforest is tropical humid, then loose fitting cotton clothing is advised as they not only offer cooling effect but also keep flies and mosquitoes at bay. Still having insect repellants can be an active measure against insects

You need protection from the sun

The Daintree rainforest tours mean you are going to be up, and given that the tropics have tendency to record high ultraviolet conditions, you will need to be covered. You therefore need to always have your sunscreen so that you have your skin protected always. Also, it might do you well to carry a hat for protection from the sun given that just as you will be spending time in the vehicle, you will spend as much time outside. Also, you can tag along a water bottle as the temperature can go as high as 30 degrees sometimes and you will need water to counter dehydration.

Carry a great camera

What’s the point of going on a Daintree tour when there is no camera to record all the fun things you are going to witness while out there in the tour? As you are going to need all the space in the SD card, make sure before planning on the trip that you have enough memory by even clearing out some stuff you don’t need. You can even invest in an underwater camera, especially when you are coming outside the box jellyfish season.

Have a positive attitude

Attitude is everything when it comes to tours. It’s what will determine whether you are going to have a fine time out or the worst time of your life. You are also likely to meet lots of people who are out for some adventure on the Daintree rainforest tours, and thus a great attitude can make you some great friends; even lifelong ones if you like.

With the above guide, get on that plane fully packed and head for a lifetime experience. Visit for more information.

Reconnect with Nature in Basque Country

Reconnect with Nature in Basque Country

Are you stressed out by the exhausting urban life? Stray away from the busy city life and reconnect with the nature Basque country has today.

Sit by the cliffs of Santa Clara

Ever imagined yourself sitting by a cliff and breathing ocean breeze?

You can actually do that with a €58 tour package that includes hiking and a tour around Donostia (San Sebastian) to Monte Igueldo. You can also avail a Trekking package for €99.00 that includes Txakoli wine tasting, a lunch at a wine cellar, and a gift of a bottle of Txakoli. More information Naturaleza País Vasco

Mountain Trails

The nature Basque country has a variety of lush forest parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Ever enjoyed a meal in the mountains? No? Now, you can with €99.00 mountain tours.

The mountain tours have different degrees of difficulties.

For experienced hikers, you can avail a package for Mount Ernio between the valleys of Oria and Urola. For an average mountain tour, you can avail a hiking tour for a half-day excursion to Mount Adarra in Urnieta. You can have a tour guide, but transport is optional.

For more details, you can visit Bascoming’s website,


Naturaleza País Vasco

Naturaleza País Vasco