Amazing Beauty of the South America Tour

Amazing Beauty of the South America Tour

Metallica’s South America tour has been in progress rolling out for 2016 tour dates for their forthcoming 11th studio album, Hardwired… to self destruct.  The concerts have been scheduled in places like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Guatemala. This is something you can add in your itinerary when you decide to have a South America tour. South America is essentially considered as the land of sombreros, salsa and tequila and is an exotic land known to offer a lot to tourists visiting this destination. A tour in this side of the globe is anytime exciting as it is an excellent holiday destination and a stunning place where you can revitalize your senses.

Uniqueness of South America

South America, which is settled amid the South Pacific, Caribbean and the South Atlantic Ocean, is an attractive tourist destination and is distinguished for its breathtaking natural attractions. It not only owns the biggest rainforest but even the largest river, Amazon. It houses several beaches and every year many tourists visit this holiday destination in large numbers.

It is a luxurious destination which many people fall in love with, and it is the hottest tourist spot known for its rich culture, friendly locals and welcoming environment. The holiday destination is blessed with a touch of paradise as it is surrounded all over by tropical beaches. It is very important that you organize your South America tour well in advance, whether you want to attend the musical concert or enjoy your holiday. To make your trip an exciting and memorable one, it is very important that you do some research online and save yourself from any hassle. It is better that you take assistance from a travel operator who specializes in a comfortable, lavish and escorted tour to South America.

Beaches to Explore in South America

The three most popular beaches that you can explore during a tour to South America are Ipanema Beach located in Rio De Janerio in Brazil, Punta Tombo in Argentina and Tayrona in Colombia. The Ipanema Beach is known for its posh beach culture, and the beach wear styles are very innovative. The best part of this beach is that you can indulge yourself in many activities like volleyball, swimming, roller blading, cycling, soccer and many other beach games.

The Tayrona beach is blessed with 2 ecosystems between the sea and the mountain, and the beach site is really very beautiful. Hammocks can be rented for the night on this beach site, and you can enjoy surfing as well as relish tasty sea food.

 Benefits of a Tour to South America

South America tour provides an experience of a lifetime and during which you can even come across fascinating wildlife, and rich flora and fauna. The Punta Tombo beach in Argentina is home to beautiful migratory birds – Magellanic Penguins that arrive in large numbers in the month of September and are found till mid of March.  The tourism in South America has recently seen hike and this has been possible as more and more flights are offered by the airlines to this gorgeous destination.



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